Sonnet Technologies Tempo HD PCI Drive Controller and Laptop Drive Host Card

Recently tested and known to be good.
A 6GB Toshiba HDD2143 2.5" comes
with and is mounted to the card. The
attached drive has been recently formatted
and verified. Card firmware has been
updated to 4.5.0 (latest).
Easy installation
ATA100/133 drive controller card with on-board storage capability
Add up to 1 2.5" and 2 3.5" internal ATA drives
Boots from any attached hard drive
Maximum transfer rate of 133 MB/s
Is your computer's hard drive running out of storage space? Does the idea of opening your computer to upgrade it scare you? It's easier than you think! With the Tempo HD from Sonnet Technologies, you get more storage in an instant. This hard-drive-on-a-card requires no cables, brackets or screws--just attach a 2.5" drive, insert it into any PCI slot, and your installation is complete--it's that simple. Finally, you'll have the room you need without the installation hassles. Adding a hard drive has never been this easy!
The Tempo HD allows you to put that old (or new) 2.5" notebook drive back to work. And you can connect two of the latest, fastest, high capacity drives† to the additional ATA/133 port to really expand your storage capacity.
When you need a trouble-free way to add more storage space to your system, choose a Tempo HD--it's the internal hard drive that installs
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