SONY 2F-23W AM/FM 9 TRANSISTOR PORTABLE RADIO NICE! This little radio must be from the mid 60's I would guess. Very compact. Nice shape, not perfect, but nothing broken or missing, Then antenna is PERFECT, WOW, even the little red ball is still in the top. No bends or kinks. The only flaw is that someone engraved their initials on the back near the top (you can see it in the photo) This little guys uses three RM-640 or equivalent, this used to be MERCURY batteries, needless to say they no longer make them. But I did find A Duracell replacement (at a camera store) a few years ago. They died and I don't have them anymore, you will be on your own with the batteries. This little guy does work great however, awesome sound from the tiny speaker. Very rare, would make a nice addition to a collection. PayPal preferred. Shipping is $4.05 USPS Priority.