Sony A7S

The low light beast that started it all! An A7s AND the kit lens that I purchased for it (28-70 FE) Sad to part with this lovely camera, but I purchased an A7Rii and I cannot justify owning both. It's in great shape - I included a shot of the pristine sensor. This is the FIRST A7s (not the mark 2.) There is some slight wear on the edges - one corner is a bit worn down from rubbing against gear in my camera bag (I've included a close up) - it's obviously not very noticeable but I wanted to get up close so you could see it. I also have a Sony warranty, purchased at the Sony store, which started 11/08/14 - the warranty is good for all drops/spills and it continues until November of 2017 (it was 3 years at time of sale.) The camera and warranty were purchased from the Sony store in Glendale, California so this is not some strange, grey market item. Not pictured/visible: The UV filter that I purchased for the lens, the screen protector on the LCD screen and the extra battery (it comes with two, one was in the camera when I took these photos.) Happy holidays!