SONY Drum Pad DRB-G1 Digital Beat Box

SONY Drum Pad DRB-G1 Digital Beat Box

This is an early model beat box from Sony. It contains the unit, the original packaging, the connector cord, and the instructions. There are fifteen pre-programmed beats, and you can slow it down or speed it up. This cool unit was designed for the guitarist, but could be used for any musical application or instrument. Once connected to an amplifier, it can be played in real-time by tapping the pads, or play along to it using the progammed beats;

Rock' n Roll
Radio Beat
Acid House
Ground Beat
Blue Lagoon
Hard Shuffle
R & B
Pop Break
Dancing Water

The original packaging is very beat itself, but still in one piece. What is missing is the clip on the back of the unit for attaching to a instrument strap or belt. All the features work on the unit. The connector cord is in good working order. The main instructions are in Chinese, or Japanese (or maybe korean ?).

Most of the operations are easy to figure out, especially if you've worked with such devices before. The only thing I couldn't figure out was how to program your own beats and save them--it's one of the features--but I couldn't get it. But it's all in the instructions.

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The beat box can be sent to US and International locations. Paypal accepted. Sorry, no returns.

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