Sony model 101 "Tapecorder" Reel to Reel Tape Recorder

Sony model 101 "Tapecorder" Reel to Reel Tape Recorder circa 1951
This is a working unit. One of Sony's first transistorized models although there are valves as well.

This unit has a built in amplifier and speakers, and also features line level outputs for connection to your stereo system. This deck also features 7-1/2” / 3-3/4” per second tape speeds; analogue meter; fast forward, rewind, record and pause functions; microphone and line level “radio” inputs; automatic end of tape stop, and pilot light. Unit measures about 13” X 10” X 7”. Unit is in very good condition except for the stitching in the leather carrying handle witch is fraying, see photo.
The unit is missing the power lead. To test I adapted a standard 2 pin power lead such as found on a computer or laptop voltage reducer.
This unit weighs 8 kilos hence the shipping costs. Please feel free to collect.