Sony PlayStation 2 Slim console with 15 games

hello there and thank you for stopping by. when I plugged it in the lights come on and the playstation sound comes on but on some of the disk it says "can not read disk". my son played the basket ball game two months ago but now it is telling me cannot read disk. now I might be doing something wrong. I can't say it is not working because it does come on and I can't say it doesn't cause I didn't test all the disk. So the risk will b e yours. if it gets cleaned out good then they will all work cause I tried a game that my neighbors had and the game worked. he used a disk cleaner so maybe it has to be cleaned again. but like I said all sales are final and item is sold as is. there are no returns so please do not ask for any. I say this cause all the things I sell are as accurate as I state and if the buyer buys my items with everything I said then it is on them. unless I missed a detail then it is my fault but I am careful with that. so here are the games:
ps2 metal gear solid 3:sneake eater , xmen legends II, Midnight dub edition remix car game, sonic + mega collection, grand theft auto- liberty city stories, smack down vs raw 2008 featuring ecw- JOHN CENA, CANE,ETC, NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT 2, RACING ITALIANO- ALFA ROMEO, NBA LIVE 2008 , DARK MIRROR SYPHON FILTER, SOUL CALIBER III, CARS- RACE O RAMA, 2K SPORTS COLLEGE HOOPS
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