Sony PS X7 Turntable


Sony PS-X7 Turntable

Condition 9 out of a 10

For once, the rest of us got what the Japanese didn't get: the PS-X7 was export only. In Japan, the top end of this mid-end lineup was the PS-X6: same 'table, same BSL motor, same SBMC heavy cabinet, same functions, same feather-touch switches... But the PS-X7 had a carbon-fiber tonearm !
"Mid-end", however, is used to describe a turntable designed and made during what arguably was Sony's best period. So it may look like a flimsy piece of plastic but it really is NOT.

The only "mid-end" part of the PS-X7 is the tonearm which is unfortunately fixed and isn't the PUA-1600S found on the PS-8750 ... The X7 is nevertheless a stunner which sold very well then and still astonishes those who -thinking they only get a cool-looking piece of outdated japanese junk- buy one for 50€ and, once properly hooked up, can't believe the sonics of this cool-looking piece of... enduring japanese engineering.

Speed Monitoring

Sony's speed monitoring uses a precise pulse signal recorded onto a magnetic coating at the extreme outer edge of the platter. This signal is received by Sony's unique 8-pole magnetic pick-up head. By averaging out the signals picked-up by the 8 poles rather than just one, extremely high precision speed monitoring is acheved.
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