We only sell original , factory-issued service manuals -as distributed to authorized service centers. All manuals are complete and normally include specifications, adjustments, diagrams/fold-out schematics and parts lists. We do not deal in hard-to-read reproductions or PDF's.

We make sure your service manuals will arrive safely. Paper manuals are placed in a rigid protective sleeve and shipped in a kraft clasp envelope. Additionally, envelopes containing manuals are stamped "DO NOT BEND"

We currently have over 65,000 original service manuals from a variety of manufacturers. If you don't see what you're looking for already listed then contact us and if we have it we'll list it on eBay for you.

The majority of our manuals are in used but excellent condition and some have never been used. A limited number of manuals may show signs of wear and may contain technicians' handwritten notes (usually but not always in pencil). Any significant tears, missing pages or excessive dirt/wear/writing will be noted in item description . Service bulletins, where available, will be included with the manual and will save you hours in troubleshooting time.Service bulletins are normally stapled to the manual's inside front cover. We combine shipping on multiple service manual purchases. Handling time on all domestic orders is 1
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