Sore thumb rock crusher prospecting, dredge panning

I smashed my thumb too many times to count! Ever had a small ore sample you tried to breakup with your hammer on the trailer hitch of your truck or on another larger rock and hit your self or had flying chips hit you or the sample fly away? It does not happen with the Sore thumb, You simply drop the sample in and DROP THE HAMMER,ON THIS 2" CRUSHER AND WITH JUST A FEW BLOWS THE SAMPLE IS CRUSHED FINE ENOUGH TO DUMP IN YOUR PAN AND SEE WHAT YOU HAVE!!!!!!! The face of the hammer is hard faced and will not wear out for years..In fact I am so confident that I will give you a lifetime guarantee.(my life time. I am 64 and hope to have 10-20 years left for prospecting) It does not take a rocket scientist to see that it is made from a piece of plate steel, a tube, and ram with a handle. However most people do not have the power hacksaw to cut the parts, a mig welder to assemble it or a powder coating system to finish it..BLEAKCO has been making custom tumblers for over 14 years and recently started making 40# and 15# tumblers for Ebay so please check my store for other items.... I make them 10 at a time so they are always in stock and I will ship priority mail the day the funds clear...CHECK MY FEEDBACK, they are a great crusher, Why pay more??