The Soundhouse Tapes - Iron Maiden CD

The Soundhouse Tapes - Iron Maiden CD

Rock Hard Records

Paul Di'anno - Vocals
Steve Harris - Bass
Dave Murray - Guitar
Doug Sampson – Drums

"Iron Maiden " ( Steve Harris ) – 4:01

"Invasion" (Harris) – 3:07

"Prowler " (Harris) – 4:20

Total playing time: 11:31

Soundhouse Tapes is an EP by Iron Maiden. It features three songs taken from the demo tape, Spaceward, and was recorded by the band on New Year's Eve 1978/79. The three tracks - Prowler, Invasion and Iron Maiden - appear in rougher form than they would later be heard on the first Iron Maiden album and subsequent singles. (The fourth song from the demo - Strange World - would later appear on the 1996 compilation album The Best of the Beast.) The EP was extremely successful, selling all 6,000 copies of its intitial pressing by mail order in less than a week. This prompted EMI to offer the band an impressive, five album record deal.

This CD Is So Rare That The Only Way You Could Get One Was To Save And Send In 6 Stickers From The 2002 Iron Maiden Re-Issues. When The Band Re-Issued Its Catalog Back In 2002 They Had A Promotion That They Did By Sending In 6 Stickers And Postage You Could Get Your Bloody Hands On The Official Soundhouse Tapes. This Is The Only Official Release Of These On CD. The
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