SoundMaster Lava Lamp Digital Music System

This is a SoundMaster Digital Music System with docking port for IPod. Also has an adapter cord to connect other devices. I tried docking my IPhone, it did not work on the dock. But it did work using the audio In Adapter. I tried my friend's IPod and it did work. It has a clock, alarm clock, AM/FM radio, which all work fine. The lamp lights up and the lava moves around a little bit. I do not know much about Lava Lamps so i can't tell you if that part works properly, it looks a little murky. It is about 14" tall. I think some IPod adapters are missing. There is a lot of buttons so be patient if you buy it, it does not come with a manual. I figured it all out in just a few minutes. It comes with the original box, but the box is a little damaged. But overall it is a great piece.