Soundproofing Foam Acoustic Bass Absorbers Traps (SP4)


The item you are bidding on is our reasonably priced, high quality 2.0 Lb acoustic foam. Our acoustic foams allow you to sound treat just about any size room, delivering that clear crisp sound you expect from a high quality foam product. But not only that, it just flat out looks great and very professional. It's simply excellent for the completion of your soundproofing project. Available are 1", 2", 3", 4" in 12 & 48 packs, corner bass absorbers in 4 & 8 packs, and our extremely cost effective eggcrate foam.


Acoustic Bass Absorbers
(4) Pack of 12" x 12" x 24"

Spray Adhesive is available at our Ebay Store: Spray Adhesive

Covers - 8 Lineal Feet

Foam Type - 100% Open Cell Polyurethane Foam

Color - Charcoal

Density - 2.0 lbs/cu ft

Flame Specifications - Class A, California 117 flame
retardant, self-extinguishing

Home recording studios
Commercial recording studios
Vocal recording booths
Acoustic guitar recording
Drum rooms
Garage band soundproofing
Radio broadcasting
Control rooms
Mixing & mastering houses
Audio/video production & editing
Portable recording systems
Home theaters
Speaker cabinet lining
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