Soundtech ST3242 Professional Mixer with road case.

Used this for a few years at church. Works fine. Needed more channels (yes, it's possible). Every now and then one of the auxilary channels would act up, but we never found a certain remedy. Most of the time, it worked, and at the very least, we always had 3 of the 4 Aux's working. Everything else works flawlessly. The road case is tough, and in good condition. Power cord included. You'll find a little dust and tape here and there from labeling channels, but nothing extreme. Check out the pics. One thing I LOVE about this board is that on the first 16 channels, the signal splits out the back so you can go directly to a recording unit, or you can set up a snazzy on stage monitor mix. This board gets great reviews, and it sounds great. 10 years ago, the list price was $3,495.00. Feel free to ask any questions. I've priced for a quick sell. Thanks.

QUANTUM MIXERS From TV post production studio to pro music studio, worship service to full concert events, QuantumMix mixers are used throughout professional and semi-pro audio industries to accurately manage all mix elements. The ST3242 and 4-bus production mixers are designed to give you maximum control in a moderate space. This mixer offers a very straightforward, uncomplicated layout that new users can manage easily. A host of advanced functions like AFL/PFL Solo,

SKU: Soundtech 3242 Production Mixer List Price: $3,495.00
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