Soundtraxx Tsunami TSU-1000 EMD 567 (1st Generation) PN#827101

Soundtraxx Tsunami Diesel Locomotive Decoder, EMD 567 , Part Number 827101
Note: This sound decoder is recommended for installation in models representing EMD prototypes which wee manufactured with the EMD 567 Prime Mover (often referred to as EMD 1st Generation).
16-bit digital sound available in a variety of prototypes All-inclusive DCC decoder Supports Advanced Consisting 14, 28 and 128 Speed Steps Standard and User Load able Speed Tables 4 Lighting Functions with 16 Selectable Effects High Frequency Silent Motor Drive Multiple Airhorns Built in Including: Wabco A2, E2 Leslie A125, A200, S2M, S3L, SST Nathan K3L, M3, M5, P3, P5 (Early) Holden M3H, KSH Hancock Air Whistle Ultra-flexible Wire Harness Over 14 Sound Effects Including: Diesel Exhaust Engine Start-Up Engine Shut-Down Bell Airhorns Radiator Fans Compressor Dynamic Brakes Brake Squeal Coupler Clank and more 16-bit Sound Processor Equalizer Reverb Directional and Rule 17 Lighting High Frequency Silent Motor Drive Load Compensation Operates on DCC and DC Layouts Built in Hyperlight Lighting Effects Soundtraxx Hyperdrive Technology Miniature Size for Easy Installation Supports Long and Short addresses Compatible with NMRA DCC Standards
Suitable for the Following Prototypes and more: BL1, BL2 F3, F7, F9, FP7, FL9, FT GP7, GP9, GP18, GP28 NW2, NW3, NW4

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