South Africa 1972 Sterling Stamps Sunset h/p - Voortrekkers

South Africa 1972 'Sunset' cover marking the official last day of postal validity of sterling face value stamps (South Africa had converted to decimal currency back in 1961). Franked with the 1938 Voortrekker commemorative issue tied by Durbanville d/s "30.XII.72" and showing sender's handpainted (watercolour) illustration at left. (Note correction to date at base)! Envelope is sealed and contains thick stiffener. Please check out the "View Seller's Other Items" link. Seller is a longstanding dealer member of the APS (USA); PTS (UK); and a founder member of SAPDA (RSA). Michael or Rose Marie happy to try to help with any questions on this lot. We normally return contacts within 24 hours - please check back with us if not in case our message has hit a filter!