South Africa 5 Shillings Crown 1952 - Only Year, XF, Cape Town Anniversary

Nice Shape, Silver, 1 Year, Ship Coin. What's not to like? Enough circulation to take the luster, still think XF is right. Detail good, no abuse. 28.28 Grams of 0.500 Silver, 38.6 mm Diameter. No compelling reason to give this one away. I'm putting up about a dozen South Africa Silver, Crowns and Half Crowns. Please take a look through the store.
If I give a letter grade I try to get it right, but look to the pictures. They tell the real story. What you see is what I ship.
I stand behind everything I sell. If you win one of my items, I want you to enjoy owning it at least as much as I enjoy selling it. Return policy is 14 days, any reason or no reason at all, full refund, just send it back. I have great customers and I take their satisfaction seriously.
Ship $1.00 US, $3.00 International. Its heavy. I always combine shipping if possible.