South Carolina Gullah Voodoo Root Drs, Negro Folk Magic

Amazing historical, black Americana book about the South Carolina coast inhabitants; the history, and practices of the Gullah. What many refer to as voodoo, was called "the root" and practiced by these folks. Interesting read filled with slave history of the Sea Islands; their encounters with religion in the "praise houses"; black magic, plantation beliefs, hoodoo, Mo-Jo, spells, haints and hexes; famous root doctors, Doctor Buzzard and the "High Sheriff of the Low Country(rumored to have been made bullet-proof by magic), J.E.Mcteer; Doctor Bug, Doctor Fly and Doctor Crow... all are presented in an insightful manner. They could be hired to give someone the "Evil Eye", help you find love or cure what ails you. Filled with haunts, hags, spells, charms and hexes...this engrossing book is filled with magic and historical information about the Gullah culture and their brand of magic "the root."

The whys of traditions that continue - graves that are surrounded by shells, salt around the bed, burying "Red Devil" lye at the gate, grave decorations... Lists of both good and bad luck signs, much of these practices traced back to the early slave days and remnants of African memories before being under the bonds of slavery.

One of the most interesting black Americana and Southern folklore books I have ever read, both entertaining
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