Southern Pottery Stoneware ''Timmerman'' Crawford Churn

Timmerman is a Lanier county Georgia potter & I listed Crawford because of it being a MAIN title in search on Ebay! I obtained this beautiful piece locally & I AM NOT the best on southern pottery, BUT all that have looked at it say it is the work of Timmerman & I have to agree! {Welcome comments!} This is a fantastic looking piece even with the small amount of damage. This item is 12 7/8 in. tall & is approx. 7 in. across base. Has a beautiful almost ''metallic'' type sheen to glaze. {And I took these pictures with little Sun} Please notice the lip chips & the hole on side before bidding. Still displays nicely & is VERY solid! A ''repairer'' would love to get a hold on this one!! REMEMBER!! Timmerman pieces are getting extremely hard to obtain so bid accordingly. Listed at a LOW starting bid!!! :)