Southwest Native American Warriors Tomahawk

The Warrior's Tomahawk....The tomahawk, along with the knife and bow and arrow, was one weapon or tool the tribesman always used, not only was it a great defensive weapon, but was also used for making other weapons or tools, chopping wood for fire, and processing food (game animals and such).....Our Warrior's Tomahawk is made with and comes with, a 9" long, aged steel blade, (one side axe blade other side pick/knife type blade) secured to a 18" oak handle, with buckskin (deer) and coyote fur wrapping secured with real brass tacks (high dome) attached to handle, buckskin wrapped imitation eagle feathers with glass indian crow beads attached to fringes of feathers, buckskin hanging strap. Aged for authentic looks. This is a great looks tomahawk. Made in the USA A Hootchoo quality reproduction, gallery quality artifacts since 1987. 18" length 12" width