Souvenir Bottle of Bermuda Pink Sand, Beach

You are bidding on a souvenir bottle of a Bermuda beach's famous Pink Sand. The bottle size is approximately 4 ¼ inch high and 1 1/8 inch in diameter. The souvenir is sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute Community Rehabilitation Services.

The label describes the origin or the Bermuda pink sand beaches: Bermuda sand boasts the vivid red color of a multitude of skeletons from a tiny single-celled animal called a Foram (foraminfera). Growing on the underside of reefs these skeletons fall to the sea floor when the animal dies. These skeletons and the sand particles with which they mix are quite large and course, out by the reefs, but by the time they reach the shores they have been tossed around by the wave action and are much smaller, thus making the sand so soft and fine. The tiny particles of broken up foram skeletons are what give the sand its pink hue.