Souvenir Kokeshi Pair Chinese Girls Nagasaki Sprit

Souvenir Kokeshi Pair Chinese Girls Nagasaki Sprit


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The taller piece measures 4.75 inches high and the other pair measures 3 inches high. From the costume, they represent Chinese girls wearing exquisite China dresses and exotic earrings. The stamped inscription reads "Nagasaki" and these girls symbolize Nagasaki and its interesting history.

The policy of Sakoku was the foreign relations policy of Japan under which no foreigner could enter or Japanese could leave the country on penalty of death. The policy was enacted by the Tokugawa Shogunate under Tokugawa Iemitsu through a number of edicts and policies from 1633-1639 and remained in effect until 1853 with the arrival of Commodore Matthew Perry and the opening of Japan.

During this period, the only European influence permitted was the Dutch factory (trading post) at Dejima Island in Nagasaki and trade with China was also handled at Nagasaki as well. During this Sakoku period, as many as well over 10,000 Chinese traders mainly from Fujian region lived in Nagasaki
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