Soviet Era 18K Gold Kremlin Coffee/Tea Spoons

Comes with Certificate of Authenticity which reads:
Hidden Treasures from the Vaults of the Kremlin
"These exquisite, Russian-sterling silver and 18 karat gold plated, hand-enamelled coffee/tea spoons have just been released from the vaults of the Kremlin State Reserves and are being offered for the first (and last) time to collectors in America.
"During the Soviet-era, it was customary for each of the Republics to present gifts to the Kremlin which were representative of the Republic's unique history and culture. These stunning spoons were given to the Kremlin 20 to 30 years ago, by the Baltic Republics of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia for use during official USSR state functions.
"Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, the Russian Ministry of Precious Metals was charged with selling off excess silver and gold artifacts from the Kremlin vaults to raise much needed funds. As a result, collectors have a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a unique piece of Cold War history straight from the vaults of the Kremlin."
These were a part of my aunt's estate, I don't know w or when she got them. They have been sitting in the original box in plastic sleeves, they are gorgeous pieces even without the history behind them. Both of them are just over 5.5" long and just over 1" wide at the bowl, bigger than what I
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