Soviet Order of Red Banner of Labor Ser# 1,136,571

Offered up for auction is a Soviet Union awarded Order of The Red Banner of Labor, Type 6, reverse ring. The serial number of this order is 1,136,571. It is made of solid silver, gilt and enamels. Pictures you see are of the order you will receive. The condition of the itself is XF+. Flaws, considering this piece is 20+ years old, are pretty minor. This piece would rate easily 8 out of ten, and is practically in mint condition. The gilt is still very strong, quite stunning, actually. Whoever this was awarded to, took care of it very respectfully. The reverse is clearly mint marked on the back from the Moscow Mint and serial numbered. The suspension is a two piece aluminum, and the ribbon is pretty clean. Again, due to its age, it will be expected to show signs of honest wear, tear and aging. As we know in the collecting world, if it looks like it was minted or printed last probably was. *wink*. A little history: This Order was established on December 28, 1920 for the Russian Soviet, and the rest of the Soviet Union on September 7, 1928; for high accomplishments in the Labor & transportation industries and for outstanding civil service. Total issued during the history of the Soviet Union was well over one million issued, for the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. T is no issuing booklet with this.

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