Soviet Russian Space Programme Sleeve Patch Soyuz TM-24

CrewLaunched: * Valery Korzun (1) - Russia
* Alexandr Kaleri (2) - Russia
* Claudie André-Deshays (1) - France Landed: * Valery Korzun (1) - Russia
* Alexandr Kaleri (2) - Russia
* Reinhold Ewald (1) - Germany Mission highlights 27th expedition to Mir. Included astronaut from France. Soyuz TM-24 carried a crew of three to the Mir space station. The crew consisted of Cosmonauts Valery Korzun and Alexander Kaleri, and the first French woman in space, Claudie André-Deshays. They joined American astronaut Shannon Lucid and Mir 21 crewmates Yuri Onufriyenko and Yuri Usachev. Andre-Deshays carried out biological and medical experiments on Mir for 16 days before returning to Earth with Onufriyenko and Usachev.
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