Soviet Russian WWII documents medals photo captain Soviet Army 1943 ONE PERSON

Description: We are pleased to offer here, 100% original Soviet Russian unique documents, photo, WW II, docs 1943-1960-70, one person USSR.Documents in this collection for one person: Alekseenko Peter Minovich. In collection: 1. Military ID reserve officer in 1949, the Soviet Union. Alekseenko Peter Minovich 1912 birth, Ukrainian. Communist, a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1940. Participant the Second World War. He fought from 1941 to 1945 with the rank of captain. Types of forces - political. In the military card recorded the entire record of the political leader in 1941 to deputy division commander in 1944. There's also a record of serious shrapnel wounds to the head, the 26/08/1942. 2. 6 original medals and badge with the documents. The center is the Medal for the victory over Germany with a document in 1946, the Soviet Union. 3. Also 6 original certificates 1942-1943. Among them are an interesting picture ID People's Commissariat of Defense, Office of Field 2 Guards Army headquarters of the Rear., From 1 July 1943. IN WITNESS record reads issued LIEUTENANT Alekseenko Minovich Peter that he is Deputy Head of the item ex-soldiers of the Red Army for political affairs. Has the right to carry firearms - pistol TT № 3995. Other certificates about the job designation in 1943 and is no less interesting. 4. On ... read more