Soviet T-34/76 Battle Tank

Up for Auction is a Beautiful T-34 tank from the Great Patriotic War. The craftmanship and detail is excellent. I believe the scale is 1/35.

Russian T-34

T-34/76 was further development based on T-32 medium tank, which was based on A-20 and A-30 prototypes. Pre-production models were produced in early 1940 and full scale production commenced in mid-1940. T-34 Medium Tank (Tridsatchedverka), when introduced into production in June of 1940, was the most advanced tank design in the world. It was superior to any other tank in the world, including feared German tanks. Its revolutionary design featured sloped armor, speed, hitting power and low silhouette along with reliability and low production cost. T-34 although available in small numbers in the early stage of fighting on the Eastern Front gave German Army a nasty shock when first encountered and remained that way until introduction of more powerful anti-tank armament. T-34 was described by the Germans in the following statements: "Very worrying", Colonel-General Heinz Guderian, Commander of Second Panzer Army, "We had nothing comparable", Major-General F.W. Mellenthin, Chief of Staff of XLVIII Panzer Corps and "The finest tank in the world", Field-Marshal Ewald von Kleist, First Panzer Army.


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