This Ol' girl has got some issues, some I created, some I didn't

I'm always on the hunt for something a little different, not the same Ol' bodies. A few of my buddies are always sending me links to cool little rides, knowing d*** well I don't have any will power when I see something unique.

Well, last month I found this great little, I believe it's a 73' Dodge Colt in resin, on eBay. Yep, I had to get it! I knew when I seen it, it was an older cast model and not the newer reliable resin that Roger is pourin' at Comp Resins. Rogers resin could pass for plastic it's so smooth.

When I got her in the mail, I noticed the hood was warped, so I prepped her as I normally do, then took some hot temperatured water and tried to bend the warp out of the hood, I had a little success, but not much.

I masked off her stripes, they came out decent at best, as I was foiling around the windows, the passengers side rear lower corner of the window cracked on me, I did my best to repair it, but you can definetly see it.

I taped off the Classic Sox & Martin Red White & Blue scheme and as I was pulling the tape up, I left some jagged edges in the paint in various spots, hopefully you will see from the photos.

Most resin cars don't come with windows so I cut some out
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