rare - Soyuz TM-24 Cyrillic wrong crew patch

Soyuz TM-24 Cyrillic wrong crewpatch

The launch of Soyuz TM-24 was originally planned for July 6, 1996 with commander Gennadi Manakov, flight engineer Pavel Vinogradov and French research cosmonaut Claudie Andre-Deshays. In May, the launch of Soyuz TM-24 was delayed to August 14 due to problems with the Soyuz boosters and again to August 17 at the end of July. Soyuz TM-24 (callsign 'Frigate') was indeed launched on August 17, 1996, but not with Gennadi Manakov and Pavel Vinogradov aboard. On August 9, eight days before launch, Manakov was diagnosed with a serious heart problem.

Novosti Kosmonavtiki designed a Soyuz TM-24 "launchpatch". The launchpatch, with the Eifel tower, was sketched by Oleg Shinkovich. Some bad luck was involved this time: one week before the mission - with the patches already sewn - it was announced that Russian crewmembers Gennadi Manakov and Pavel Vinogradov were replaced by their back-ups Valeri Korzun and Aleksandr Kaleri, because Manakov had fallen ill.

Shipping cost to anywere in the World $2.00