Rare Soyuz TM-24 replaced crew patch - Cyrillic

Soyuz TM-24 replaced crew patch - Cyrillic

The launch of Soyuz TM-24 was originally planned for July 6, 1996 with commander Gennadi Manakov, flight engineer Pavel Vinogradov and French research cosmonaut Claudie Andre-Deshays. Deshays would return with the EO-21 crew on July 22; Manakov and Vinogradov would return to Earth on December 29, 1996. In May, the launch of Soyuz TM-24 was delayed to August 14 due to problems with the Soyuz booster and again to August 17 at the end of July.
Soyuz TM-24 (callsign 'Frigate') was indeed launched on August 17, 1996, but not with Gennadi Manakov and Pavel Vinogradov aboard. On August 9, eight days before launch, Manakov was diagnosed with a serious heart problem. French research cosmonaut Claudie Andre-Deshays was now flying with commander Valeri Korzun and flight engineer Aleksandr Kaleri.

Like other international missions, the CNES Cassiope mission logo was adopted as the official mission patch. It did not stop Novosti Kosmonavtiki designing a Soyuz TM-24 "launchpatch" The launchpatch, with the Eifel tower, was sketched by Oleg Shinkovich.

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