The item you are bidding on is a full color poster pertaining to the US Navyâe(tm)s first 41 Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines . I created this poster in 1981 when I worked at the Submarine Force Library & Museum in Groton , CT and recently reprinted a small amount of them.. The poster measures 19âe x 28âe and is printed on heavy coated paper, suitable for framing. The colors and photos of the patches and submarines are clear, bright and sharp (not fuzzy as in the scan). The posters contain the patch and a portrait of the man the submarine is named after and photographs of the first of each of the four classes of Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines at the time. This poster is a unique historical document and sure to please any submarine memorabilia collector.

The submarines listed include (the first name is the first of the class), 1 st Class: George Washington SSBN 598, Patrick Henry SSBN 599, Theodore Roosevelt SSBN 600, Robert E. Lee SSBN 601, Abraham Lincoln SSBN 602. 2 nd Class: Ethan Allen SSBN 608, Sam Houston SSBN 609, Thomas A. Edison SSBN 610, John Marshall SSBN 611, Thomas Jefferson SSBN 618. 3 rd Class: Lafayette SSBN 616, Alexander Hamilton SSBN 617, Andrew Jackson SSBN 619, John Adams SSBN 620, James Monroe SSBN 622, Nathan Hale SSBN 623, Woodrow Wilson SSBN 624, Henry Clay SSBN 625, Daniel Webster SSBN
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