SP2277 - Pouncing Pup Die-Cast Iron Mechanical Coin Bank

Product Description

What a refined Victorian lass, in her bonnet, lace and ribbons, relaxing on the settee fanning herself, unaware that her red-bowed playful pup is ready to pounce! To activate, place a coin in the Pouncing Pup's mouth, depress the lever on the side and as the dog jumps up to deposit the coin in the lovely lass' purse, she raises her fan in surprise. With all the charm of yesterday, our Pouncing Pup die-cast iron mechanical coin bank will entertain all who visit her parlor. Our finely-detailed replica coin bank is cast in foundry iron from an original then authentically hand-painted and distressed just enough to replicate a true antique. Makes a clever desk-top gift, a fun collectable, or an educational tool to teach children the importance of saving. Metal turn stopper on bottom allows for coin retrieval.
Die-Cast Iron Mechanical Coin Banks
Cast Iron banks have long been treasured collectibles, popular in Renaissance Europe and even found among the tombs of ancient civilizations. In the US, mechanical banks became a household staple as 18th-century parents sought to reinforce Benjamin Franklin's aphorism: "A penny saved is a penny earned." After the Civil War, toy mechanical cast-iron models were produced en masse until about 1930. Operating with the drop of a coin or the push of a lever, these clever
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