Space 1999 Hawk Mk IX Resin Kit Warp Models

SPACE 1999 Hawk Mk-lX

Resin Kit by WARP Models

A fantastically detailed model from Warp of this attack craft as seen in the episode 'Wargames'.

This is not a rip-off of the airfix completely upgrades and updates the original MPC model to produce a replica on a par with the large special effects model.

This kit is produced in 1/72 scale and measures 10 inches (260mm) length. The model is in high quality polyurethane resin and pewter parts upgraded from w/metal for girders and other fine details.

The most accurate model of a mark nine Hawk available.

Paint and glue will be required to build this model.

This kit is recommended for the more experienced modeller, you will require tools for cleaning and preparing resin and metal parts.

Please see terms and conditions.