Space Ace Laserdisc Arcade Kit No Reserve Dragon's Lair

In my years of collecting laserdisc-related items, I have never seen a Space Ace kit this complete. Even the NOS kits are no w near this complete (save for the disc). Basically, this kit contains most of the parts of an entire Space Ace minus the monitor, disc, and player. Before I receive any E-mails, I will NOT break up this kit. I will leave it up to the buyer to eliminate the coin box from the kit to save shipping costs but the final bid price will remain the same. This kit is by no means collector quality but it is a darn nice complete kit pulled from a working game (the kit was pulled in 2006). The control panel could use a new overlay and the display plexi has scratches. I make no warranties that the PCBs will work so keep that in mind when bidding. This kit has the Cinematronics raised letter coin door in very nice shape. A good repaint of the door would probably bring the coin door to collector quality. is a list of the kit components:
Marquee, marquee brackets, smoked monitor plexiglass, coin box, coin box cover, complete, populated and working control panel, display plexiglass, display PCB, speaker grills with speaker/grill mounting hardware, NTSC board, main pcb, laserdisc player mounting plate, raised letter coin door complete with coin mechs and ready to plug-in , power assembly mounted to metal plate with mounting
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