A Set of 3, Two Space Covers and a Decal, commemorating the STS-58 Mission, the 58th Mission of the Space Shuttle Program and the Spacelab Life Sciences Experiment. Decal shows open Shuttle Bay and SLS-2 Insignia. Decal contains Patch information on the back. Space Covers include one for Space Shuttle Columbia's Launch and one for Landing at Edwards AFB. Both covers and decal are in excellent condition. Information Card included.

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I have been a collector of Naval and Space covers for over 20 years now and a member of the eBay community for the last 6. I am a member of the USCS, ATA,� Space unit and the American Philatelic Society.� It is my wish to promote this great hobby of ours by encouraging others to buy, trade and/or sell these interesting pieces of History.

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