Space Ghost #1 Hanna Barbera Gold Key Silver Age Comic!

GOLD KEY SILVER AGE COMIC HANNA-BARBERA SPACE GHOST #1 This is your RARE opportunity to purchase .... Space Ghost #1. A Hanna Barbera TV hero. Published by Gold Key in the Silver Age of the 1960's, this 12 cent issue came out 6 months after the TV debut of Hanna Barbera's Space Ghost, and was the only issue in its series. This is a Hard-To-Find comic that does not come around that often in better then good condition. Don't miss this opportunity. You might be busy when the auction ends, so place your best bid now! Listed below are the current Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide listed prices for the Gold Key HANNA-BARBERA SPACE GHOST comic book: Issue/Condition Good Very- Fine Very- Near- Good Fine Mint # 1 $33 $66 $99 $248 $404 Grading is very selective process and I am not a comic book expert. I will do my best to be as forthcoming as possible as to the condition of this comic. To the best of my knowledge this comic is in the Very Good to possibly Fine condition with pages and covers intact and firmly attached. Pages are in good condition with minor toning from aging over 41 years. I don't think this is a Near-Mint condition collectors' grade comic book, but it is an excellent comic in much better than good condition by general magazine standards. I have not had this comic graded by a professional and this is my personal ... read more