[Space] Invader - 'Albino Invader' - RARE - POW NUMBERED - w, recpt & Banksy pic

Invader [Space Invader] - 'Albino Invader'

numbered & strictly limited edition screenprint, dating from 2005

One of the holy grails for Invader collectors - it can be seen in the POW archive here ... /Archive.asp

The last time one of these prints (unsigned, WITHOUT POW receipt and history) sold it was for C $900 (circa £570), so I don't feel my starting price is unreasonable.

PLEASE do not waste my time and your time as one person did by trying to 'do a deal' after i politely said I didn;t want to be messed around. If you really think you can find it cheaper and from a better seller please carry on and try to find it. I don't think you will. They also only come up for sale VERY rarely. I was there almost 7 years ago and at the time they sold VERY slowly. Please respect that. If you were there at that time you could have also bought it easily and wouldn't need to be trying to find it today.

very rare and sold out many years ago

The photos are DIRECT photos of THE actual print on sale (they are not 'stock' photos or photos stolen from other listings)

Size - 50 x 50 cm

Hand Signed by the artist? - No, this is one of the UNSIGNED prints (100 were unsigned / 100 were signed)

Numbered? - YES (see photo - this print is 47 / 100, and is numbered, as usual,
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