Space Patrol Cosmic Glow Rocket Ring Rare 1952

Up for sale is a Rare Example of the Space Patrol Cosmic Glow Rocket Premium Ring from 1952 A must have for the premium ring collector. Rarely offered for sale . Probably the rarest premium ring of the 1950's. I am Buying Rare Premium Rings.Wanted - The Spider & Operator 5 pulp magazine rings from the 1930's Wanted - Valric of the Vikings Magnifying Ring Wanted - Supermen of America Member & Action comics Rings Wanted - Cisco Kid Secret Compartment Ring Wanted - Tom Mix Spinner and Deputy Rings Wanted - Buck Rogers Repeller Ray Ring Wanted - Whistle Bomb Ring Wanted - Lone Ranger & Tonto Ice Cream Rings Wanted - Superman Secret Compartmet Rings & Superman Tim Ring Wanted - Frank Buck Jungleland Worlds Fair Ring Wanted - Radio Orphan Annie Altascope ,Secret Guard Initial , Secret Guard Magnifying Wanted - Knights of Columbus Secret Compartment Ring