Space Ship One X2 Flight Flown Post Cards and Calendar

This for a set one calendar, and three post cards and authenticity card for the "Space Ship One" project. Only 199 were released. The calendar is signed by Burt Rutan, Brian Binnie (pilot), and Mike Melvill (historic flight pilot). Each post card has one signature, one is signed by Burt Rutan, 2nd is signed by Brian Binnie, and the 3rd is signed by Mike Melvill: all the cards were flown aboard the space craft on Oct. 4 and is stamped with the Mojave,CA USPS stamp cancel stamp, one signature per card: june-Burt Rutan, sept-Mike Milvill, oct-Brian Binnie. The craft took three fights: June 21, 2004; Sept. 29, 2004; and Oct. 4, 2004. This was for a fundraising for a high school, but only several were sold, so as a result I have access to some more if more than one set is wanted for purchase. This set is in great, if not prefect, condition. The items in the picture are not the exact set, but will have pretty much the same characteristics of the set. The only real difference is the number on the post cards and MAYBE the position of the signatures. Restasure that the set is one of the 199 released. The four dollar handling cost will be accounted for confirmation signature and insurance of the item being shipped per item ordered.

Item is AS IS!!!!!!!!!! NO REFUNDS!!!!!!!!!! If a refund is made it is up to MY descreption! Buyer is
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