Item up for auction is a GENUINE and SUPER RARE item of CUBANINDEPENDENCE WAR HISTORY and VINTAGE AUTOGRAPH MEMORABILIA. We are offering this ORIGINAL and ANTIQUE DOCUMENT which confirms the Military Promotion of Urbano Olivera y Diaz in the ranking of ,,CAPITAN" during ongoing 2nd CUBAN INDEPENDENCE ("SPANISH-AMERICAN") WAR in 1896. This ANTIQUE and HISTORICAL DOCUMENT is PERSONALLY SIGNED by the "FATHER" of the CUBAN INDEPENDENCE movement: MAXIMO GOMEZ Baez. Furthermore this document is ORIGINALLY SIGNED by LEGENDARY CUBAN GENERAL SERAFIN SANCHEZ - 8 months prior to his death, dated 16th March 1896. This UNIQUE DOCUMENT has letterhead of Cuban Coat Of Arms and title "EJERCITO LIBERTADOR de CUBA". This FANTASTIC AUTOGRAPHED DOCUMENT measures app. 8 1/2" x 12 1/2" inches and is in GOOD condition despite tremendous age: some wear, minor holes in folds, small tears and wear in right margin. Please see attached scans for judging all quality aspects or please ask questions PRIOR to bidding. ATTENTION: Picture visual of Serafin Sanchez is JUST added for illustration purposes and NOT part of the auction! Historical Background: (1) General SERAFIN SANCHEZ Valdivia, Cuba Hero. Born in Sancti Spiritus in June 2, 1846. He was a combatant who fought the three wars of independence in the XIX century and was conferred the degree of Major General ... read more