Spanish Colonial Confirmation & Holy Spirit Milagro

This rare Milagro is over 200 yeas old and was left by the petitioner at the foot of one of the side Alters at the Carmelite Convents Church in Ayacucho , Peru . During the Spanish Colonial period in South America , you could not be legally married unless you were confirmed. Any other type of union was not legally recognized by The Crown. This Milagro represents a petitioners prayers granted for someone in their lives who accept the Holy Spirit into their hearts through confirmation.

It is a thick and heavy sterling silver Milagro that should have been melted for its silver value years ago; but was saved by the nuns in a suitcase, for a future museum in their convent. Well, they are trying to restore several damaged sections of the convents ceilings and need to raise $4,000; so they have asked us to act as their auction assistant and put this and a few more up for auction this month. Then they will all be gone, but they will have the funds to restore their buildings.

This one weighs 15.4 grams of sterling silver and its size is 2 inches by 2 inches. Unlike the more modern or vintage Milagros, you can't bend this one, it's far too thick.

Good luck bidding!

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