Spanish "Guardia Civil" Tricorn Hat

The Guardia Civil was the first public security force to be created at a national level in Spain. It was established right after the beginning of reign of the Queen Isabel II and it was fostered by the moderate government of Gonzalez Bravo in consensus with the other political forces. They understood that the liberal Spanish State needed a public security force to carry out their tasks in all the inland Spanish territory in order to combat the alarming lawlessness in the roads and lands of the country due to the activities of bandits since the War of Independence. The Force was established by means of the Royal Decrees of 28th March and 13th May 1844 , setting up a public security force of military nature, depending on the Ministry of Interior for its operational activities and on the Ministry of Defence in regards to its organisation, discipline, personnel, equipment and salaries. This distinctive "gorra" dates from the 1950's, and is of the pattern worn up to about 1975 with the pea-green service dress on formal duty. Covered in a buttoned and heavily lacquered black cloth cover, the hat has two ventilating eyelets and is lined in gold silk, with a brown leatherette browband.