Spanish mud doll figurines Bullfight figures Spain

This is a selection of distinctly Spanish mud doll figures, hand-crafted by local artisans from the area of Granada.
They include a colorful selection of 16 character figures related to the bullfight ( corrida ), one of the distinctive traditions of Spain.
There are 6 bulls ( toros ), including one acting the role of torero , plus 2 double-size, with mounted figures ( picador on horseback and members of the cuadrilla with bull).
The 10 individual bullfighter figures include torero-matador figures in various poses that form part of the spectacle.
The clay figures are 2-3" high, and were purchased in Spain for a collection that was acquired principally from mid 60s to late 70s.
These items have been stored away and are offered in as-found condition, which appears very good.
Overall, the figurines show only minor typical natural imperfections as well as the unique charm of simple handcrafts.