Sparkling Vintage Estate Royal Limited Crystal Biscuit Barrel In Box

Two things will identify Czech crystal. The first is the weight. 24% lead content makes crystal much heavier than Czech glass. Cheaper products will increase the glass volume for cutting making it much thicker and making the weight heavier which brings us to the second identifier. Real Czech crystal has optical properties which have to be seen to be believed. Holding a Czech crystal glass up to even normal light should result in "multiple rainbows" as the lead content increases the light refraction properties it's like looking into hundreds of prisms simultaneously. Beginning in the early 1800's biscuit barrels were used as a part of the everyday English lifestyle and tea time ritual. A standard in almost every English home, biscuit barrels were used to store and serve biscuits (the English word for cookies and shortbread). Antique biscuit barrels can be found made from oak, silver, mahogany, glass, and crystal. Most are of the same basic design - barrel shaped with a lid and handle. Some are embellished with silver, engravable trophy shields, and feet. Cut crystal biscuit barrels are especially beautiful. This magnificent sparkling vintage estate Royal Limited crystal biscuit barrel is 24% full lead handcrafted crystal that was made in the Czech Republic. It is a wonderful piece to display in your home or to add to your lead crystal ... read more