Sparks Circus The 20th Century Wonder Show mailer

Original Circus hand out announcement for 'The 20th Century Wonder Show, Sparks Circus, 35 Years of Unsullied Reputation, 20 City Blocks of Gorgeous Street Parade at 10:30 Daily' etc. Stamped near the base is 'Hillsdale. Michigan, Saturday Aug 12, Admission Prices, All Children under 12 years 30¢ Adults 75¢'.Acts include 'The Carrol Sister', The Great Namba Troupe', 'Zulu the Elephant', 'Prof. Bartlett's Performing Pigs', The Sparks Famous High School Horses'. All eight pages show various performers, animal's etc. Included is part of the original mailing wrapper. Hard written on the wrapper in pencil is 'The first circus Donald and Burnel attended. It was on Aug. 12, 1922. Their 2nd birthday'. Some browning has occurred from age and a minor 1/2" long tear is on the first page. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. SEVEN DAY RETURN PRIVILEGE. Good luck!