SPARTON Model 6-15 Antique Wood Table Tube Radio (1925)

Attention Antique and Vintage Tube Radio Collectors! I will be selling a large collection of mostly restored (some partially restored) tube radios during the next 1-2 years. These radios have been stored in an old "Antique Radio Museum" for the past several years. They were originally restored by a man, now deceased, during the past few decades. I am selling these for his widow. These radios range from manufacturers from A-Z. T are some very collectable and scarce ones so please continue to check back for new listings. As far as shipping goes I will require insurance on all radios that sell for over $50.00, and it will be offered for all radios. Since many of these are wood cases they will be double wrapped in bubble wrap and cushioned with styrofoam peanuts. Some of these radios will be double boxed for safety. Since I will be listing such a large number I realize that some buyers may want to make multiple purchases, and I will offer anyone that wants an opportunity to pay for their radios and I can store them for a few months until arrangements can be made to pick them up. It is possible that we can make arrangements to meet half way for some delivery cost.

The radio offered is an antique Sparton table tube radio. It is a wood table radio with top lid. It is a battery operated radio (BC frequency). An original battery
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