Special American $1 W- Coin and 911-Currency Set 2015

You will receive the American $1 Coin and Currency Set 2015 from the photo or simular New set!!

Do to the increase of International US Postage rates. Single coin item win is now $3.50 for the first item win and 25 cents after. Coin sets, Coin rolls, Larger size or weight if items, the shipping is marked seperate. The Maximum shipping cost will come to $26.00; only IF your items are under $400.00 in value and under 4 pounds in weight for this special International Priority postage Rate . If your item value is over $400.00 and is to big or heavy for a Priority Mail Rate a calaculated Shipping rate will apply. A few International Countries will need to add a Registered Post Charge to assure delivery! Combined shipping to USA address is $2 for the first item win and 20 cents for each coin item added on one invoice and will not exceed $6.00! If all your item wins comply with the special Priority shipping Rate! Sign up for PayPal ; the fast, easy, and secure way to pay online. Be sure to add me to your favorites list !
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