Special Edition Hydra stamp - Four Shillings

Welcome to Post Office Albion.

You are bidding for one (1) SpecialEdition Hydra stamp. This stamp nominal value is Four Shillings.

Presented to you are Special Edition of Hydra stamps. These stamps depict Hydras many heads watching closely upon the Albion.

Series is comprised of five values; 2,3,4,5 and 10 shillings.

Values 2s to 5s are of same size while 10 shilling stamp is slightly larger.

Bronze edition comprises of only 300 pieces.

Silver edition comprises of only 200 pieces.

Gold edition comprises of only 100 pieces.

I am obligated not to make or distribute any number of stamps that exceeds that of given edition.

This stamps are made on high quality glossy paper and are perforated they will be hand signed and numbered upon buying on their back side.

I am a philatelist with Cambridge diploma in graphic design. These stamps are all artistamps, crafted by my own design in my workshop. Stamps are based on famous events worldwide and other postage stamps from various countries. Every stamp has its story to tell.

Myth, fantasy and worlds history are combined in them to create unique art that will live within its own world. Postage stamps are made to reach distant lands so my intention is not to bind them to some art galleries but to connect their stories
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