A few more models for sale, the last few hundred remaining from my collection. The majority of these are new and, none have ever been on display, having been stored in my loft over the past 20 years! They are all of the 'snap-fit' type and therefore very easy to assemble in a couple of minutes. The collection consists mainly of models manufactured by WOOSTER (Original Scottish and now Holland), LONG PROSPER (Flight Miniatures), IMC HOLLAND (together with CMC, PPC, & Lupa), SKYMARKS (& Rise Soon), Premier Models, and a few STARJETS.

Just a couple of points - I am unable to supply any lists of models, as I am working overseas most of the time, therefore, time constraints! Also, although models may be listed as 'NEW', please remember that as there is usually only one of these models in my collection, I have to open the model box and it's contents in order to photograph the aircraft for Ebay - in summary, my definition of New is slightly different to that of Ebay! Should there be any models 'USED' or have slight defects, then this will be pointed out on the description listing.Likewise, some of the display boxes may look slightly 'used' or worn, however, this is due to a lot of carriage over the years - but I will assure you that the models inside are perfectly new, many have come direct from the Wooster (Scotland)
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