Special Tall 4 Hose Hookah Set Black King Pharaoh LARGE PYRAMID VASE Shisha Pipe

25" 4 Hose Hookah Set -
This ultimate nargila 4 Hoses hookah set include an attractive top quality hookah shisha nargila with a metal stem and 4 luxury hoses
Depending on the area or locality, hookahs may be referred to by many different names. Nargila or Argilah is the name commonly used in Israel, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Syria.
Nargila derives from the Persian word nārghile, meaning coconut, which in turn is derived from the Sanskrit word nārikela (नारिकेला), possibly suggesting that ancient hookahs were once made from coconut shells.
This package features:
* 1 Unique 65 cm Hookah Shisha Nargila 4 Black Hoses


The picture above shows what this attractive hookah looks like after it is easily and quickly assembled.

* Height of hookah - 65 cm / 25.59 inches

* Width of glass base - 18 cm / 7.08 inches

* Length of hookah hose (measured from end to end) - 148 cm / 58.26 inches

* 10 Plastic Wrapped Plastic Mouthpieces

These individually wrapped plastic mouthpieces are clean and provide a comfortable and hygienic solution for hookah smoking alone and with friends.

* 1 Pair of Metal Tongs with Poking Stick

These useful tongs provide the perfect means to light your charcoal tablet and to place the burning charcoal safely in the ceramic
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