Special for Tripath! 12AU7 Buffer Amp for smooth sound

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New Product,Specially designed for TA2020 and TA2024

This online auction for pre amp sells without a 12au7 tube,the same as you see the picture bellow.

Description :

This new product is specially designed for the Tripath TA2020-TA2022-TA2024 based amplifers as a Buffer stage to add that smooth silky sound to your system!!

The result of using this buffer stage is a smooth sound, without loss of detail removing the harshness some amps have but not the detail and responce.

This amplifier works at 12 volts!~ you can connect it to the existing powersupply, and because its a buffer stage t are no dangous voltages inside, the highest voltage is 43 volts @ 3 mA . The PCB has an internal DC-DC converter to create 43 volts DC out of 12 volts.

This buffer stage was desinged with my good friend, and experianced design engineer: Stephan Fisher, Thanks Stephan!

Vacuum Tube preamplifier for Class T Tripath amplifier kits.:

Average data tested using the ECC82:

-Supply voltage: min. 11V DC to max. 14.5V DC

-Supply current: ~170mA DC, min. AC ripple curren suppressiont -60dB, at 100Hz

-Internal DC voltage: ~ 43V

-Input impedance: 22kΩ

-Output impedance: 9KΩ

-Frequency response: 10Hz to 50KHz, ±0.5dB

-Gain: 13x = 22.5dB

-THD at 750mV out: 0.15%

-S/N A-weighted: 90dB

-Max. output voltage: 7.8V**

note: the Tripath amplifier kits are set to an input sensitivity of ~750mV for maximum output power.

The used tube can be replaced by any equivalent type of the ECC82, ( 12AU7).

The ECC81 ( 12AT7) will work well with different sound results.

The ECC83 (12AX7) will distort quickly.

Some of the replacement tubes will draw higher DC current ( 350mA) for the heater, such as 12BH7 etc. but they work fine, too

The tube will add a bit soft clipping sound if its input signal is bigger than 350mV. For this, the Tripath amplifier volume control should turned to a lower input sensitivity. The turn the tube amp. volume contol to more power. Balance both volume controls to the desired sound.

Normal devices can have an output voltage up to 2V. With a gain of 13 of the tube preamp, this would create an output voltage 26V. But this is not possible due to a low DC supply voltage for the tube.

**All audio voltages are in RMS. Peak voltages ( Vpp) may be calculated by: RMS voltage multplied by 2 multplied by √2

The device is free of any EMI, conducted or radiated.

some suggestions for tube rolling fans, no guarantee for correct listing and pin outs:

12AU7 :

12AU7A, 12AU7W, 12AU7WA, 5814, 5814A, 5814WA, 5963, 6067, 6189, 6680, 7316, 7489, 7730, ECC82, E82CC, ECC802(S), CV10323, CV10666, CV4003, CV491, CV8155, CV8221, 6CC40, B329, B749, CK5814, CV3900, CV4016, CV9092, E2163, M8136


12AT7WA, 12AT7WB, 6060, 6201, 6211, 6671, 6679, 7492, 7728, A2900, 12AV7, 12AZ7, 12AZ7A, 12AT7WC, ECC81, E81CC, ECC801(S), E801CC, CV4024, CV10662, CV455, CV8154, CV9859, 7492, M8162, QA2406, QA2407, QS2406, B152, B309, B739, CC81E, CK6201, E2157

The ECC83 ( 12AX7 ) and their equivalents maybe recommeded only for guitar players)

This amplifier has been designed by a German team and was manufactured in China using German quality control.

Warranty is valid for the PCB components only and not the supplied vacuum tube. Components have been selected for best performance and reliability.

This online auction for pre amp sells without a 12au7 tube,the same as you see the picture bellow. If you need 12au7 tube,also available,please bid on other auction of our ebay store,thanks ~

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